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Our presence in the world

In the last few decades, due to the widespread vocational crisis and other factors connected to cultural change, our religious family, too, is reduced in number;
and yet, acting on the impulse of its tradition to go where the need is most urgent, it has extended its reach with the presence of new members.
  In 1860 the Sisters of Maria Bambina launched a charity undertaking after the manner of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa in several parts of the world.

Today there are sisters in Africa, Asia, America and Europe.
By the blessing of love and the active participation of all those who share in their mission, they
proclaim the Gospel by word and deed
cater for the needy
provide food for the hungry
look after the sick
educate and promote the welfare of the forsaken
ensure a decent future for many people

The Institute in the world:

Europe, South-East Asia, Asia, Middle East,
Africa, North America, South America

In North America

California 2

In  1959 the Sisters set out from Argentina and came to Citrus Heights, California, to attend to educational activity urgently needed among the Catholic youth.

In South America

Argentina 7
Brazil 10
Perù 3
Uruguay 1

In 1909 Sisters set out from Italy for Buenos Aires, Argentina to look after orphan children among Italian immigrants. From Argentina their works of charity expanded, reaching Uruguay in 1937, Brazil in 1947 and Perù in 1969.

In Europe

England 1
Italy 81
Spain 1
Romania 4

In Italy, where the Institute sprang in 1832, most of the communities founded were first in the Lombardo-Veneto region; after the Unification of Italy, they spread further South towards Central Italy. The South-Italy Province was constituted as late as 1977, in answer to an appeal made by Pope Paul VI to reach out to regions less provided for.
In 1950 the first community of Spain was formed at Minano, out of Sisters coming from Argentina and Italy with the aim of opening a novitiate house along with educational activity among the youth.
In 1959 the “Students’ Home” was opened in London, England with the purpose of providing its future missionary sisters with a working knowledge of English.
The new needs arising from the changing political situation of Countries in Eastern Europe led to the foundation of communities in Romania, starting from 1990.

In Africa

Egypt 3
Ethiopia 3
Zambia 8
Zimbabwe 3

In 1959, in answer to the request made by Card. Giovanni B. Montini, the l'Istitute reached Kariba, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, with the purpose of attending to the families of Italian and African labourers engaged in the construction of the dam over the River Zambesi. In 1967 the Institute extended its activity to Zambia.
Since 2002 a community has been operating at Port Said, Egypt in the Nursing and Education sectors
Since 2007 we also are working in Ethiopia: there are three communities Fullasa, Modjo and Dhadim in which sisters are in charge on pastoral and educational service.

In Middle East

Israel 1

The Sisters have been working at a Hospital in Nazareth, Israele since 1984.

In Asia

Japan 2

In 1961, in answer to a request made by the Prefect Apostolic of Nagoya, a small community was established at Seto, Japan in order to open a Girls’ High School.

In South-East Asia

India 201
Nepal 6
Bangladesh 20
Myanmar 35
Thailand 3

India, where the Sisters arrived in 1860, became in its turn a mission base for the foundation of communities in other Nations in South-East Asia. In 1864 some Sisters, transferred to Jessore, put underway the expansion of the Institute in Pakistan, now Bangladesh. In 1916, the first community was established in Burma, now Myanmar, depending on Bengal Province. In 1966, following upon the expulsion of Foreign Religious from Burma, some Sisters were transferred to Thailand. Since 1999 the Institute has been in Nepal carrying out service of pastoral care and educational activity.


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