Cs 29. Our community is the “blessed Institute” which Bartolomea and Vincenza brought into existence, by binding themselves together “urged more by the desire to do good to men than to enjoy each other’s company”.

Our community, too, like that of the apostles, which “Jesus constituted for the salvation of the world” is “a work of the Lord”.
He is the centre of it and it is his Spirit that gathers us together and sends us.

We are all sisters called to the same mission, whatever be the duty to which we are assigned and to whichever community we are sent.


Communities Directly Dependent on the Superior General:

Generalate (Italy)
Lovere (Italy)
Amurrio (Spain)
Londra (Great Britain)
Bacau (Romania)
Bucharest (Romania)
Faraoani (Romania)
Jasi (Romania)
Sri Vicien (Thailand)
Wiang Papao (Thailand)
Mae Hong Son (Thailand)

Gonzales (California)
Salinas (California)

General Delegations:

Zambia & Zimbabwe


Calcutta (India)
Calicut (India)
Dharwad (India)
Italia (Italy)
Mangalore (India)
New Delhi India
North-East India
Secunderabad (India)
South-East India
Triveneto (Italy)


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