This year also, the itinerary of Diakonìa group gathered at «Cascina Mariet»; they are engaged in small experiences of co-responsibility in the mission of charity which has increased over the past decade. The group is formed by ten lay adults, coming from different backgrounds and with different employment conditions, and by the sisters of Sellere community. These lay persons are engaged in a faith journey enlightened by the charism of charity and are members of the «Spiritual Fraternity of Saints B. Capitanio and V. Gerosa».

We share with them the formation activities, promoted by our community and/or by the local Church, for the benefit of youth, families and young engaged couples.
For our community, the spiritual journey of Diakonìa group is a precious opportunity to compare and enrich our view that the charism of charity can be lived out and expressed, today, in our religious life, in the life of laity, and within the Church where we live and work. This year, we have reflected upon some of the writings of Bartolomea and we appreciated the incentives and feedback of the different professional paths and experiences. Sharing helps the group to grow from the competence point of view and to gain formative abilities and to have the possibility of finding out suitable ways for our times to communicate the gift of charity, that God has given for the benefit of the whole Church.




From 24 July to 2 August I had a great opportunity of participating in the XXXI World Youth Day (WYD) that took place in Krakow, along with the curate of our parish and seventy adolescents and young people of Sovere-Solto Collina (BG). During the year we had some formative meetings to prepare ourselves and go with a right motivation..

I would like to relate and share so many things, but there are emotions, looks, silence, feelings which are difficult to communicate which, of course, have marked the days and still resonate within as undeserved gifts, as unexpected gifts that have exceeded all our expectations. The first memorable look is that of our «Lady of Czestochowa»: a sweet face that bears the marks of violence, a wound stating that only love is stronger than hatred and that hatred can be defeated with a more powerful weapon: forgiveness.

The second look is that of the merciful Jesus revealed through the gestures and words of Pope Francis who invited us to challenge our lives, to be builders of bridges and not walls, to leave the comforts in order to involve ourselves fully in the ‘match of life’, without remaining outside just looking at the others struggling...
The Gospel reading of Sunday presented the conversion of Zacchaeus. Deep down each of us was feeling a little Zacchaeus, squeezed between a million and a half young people and adults; but the Pope Francis highlighted that the ‘sycamore’ favoured personal encounter with Jesus and His merciful love.

The third look is that of the world, the crowd of young people: many scenes of war, death, attacks, violence that appeared in News which pre-occupied many parents and it was right, however, we had a beautiful experience, joyous and peaceful unity in diversity and we told the world that faith unites and creates friendship and fraternity: it was a real celebration of people and different cultures around Jesus, a sign that says peace is possible.

The last stage of the pilgrimage was the concentration camp at
Auschwitz, to remember and not to remain indifferent in the face of so many brothers and sisters that even today in various parts of the world and in our Mediterranean Sea lose their lives and dignity often because of the indifference of many people. The real WYD starts now says Sr. Stefania M., in our own context of life where it is easier to fall; doesn’t matter if we fall, it is important not to stay ‘fallen’, but get up and start again the match, that is what Pope Francis has firmly said.






Himalayan Tragedy
Rattled, Unsettled
but Surviving



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Sellere - Italia

This year also, the itinerary of Diakoněa group gathered at «Cascina


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«We look at the sky, the many stars, but when the morning sun comes, we





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