Himalayan Tragedy
Rattled, Unsettled but Surviving
Shaken but Strong

suor Bernard June 2016




Dear ...

yesturday we had been to the village and started the work of the re-construction of 12 houses.
We will provide all the materials and they have to join together and do the work.
The village is about 3 hours journey from our place.
WE have entrusted the supervision of the work to one person in the village. The people are very happy about the help that they are getting. Slowly the work of the other houses also will begin..
Our provincial is giving one of the new sisters for our community for some months, so I will get some time to go to the villages.
Travelling to the villages is very tiring as the roads are very bad after the rainy season.
Please keep us in your prayers, so that through all these works we many really witness to the merciful love of our Father.
With love and prayers


25 September 2015


The two massive earthquakes on April 25 (measuring 7.8 magnitude) and May 12 (7.3 magnitude) killed 8787 people, destroyed 500,745 houses, and damaged another 279,330 homes.
According to UN estimates, 2.8 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance and 864,000 people in hard to reach areas, need immediate assistance.
The country’s annual economic growth is expected to slow down to 3.04%, the lowest in 8 years, due to the impact of the quakes on tourism and infrastructure.
According to the National Planning Commission, the number of poor is to go as high as 7.78 million. .


Sisters of Charity at the relief work

The first days after the earthquake , the need was to go out to meet the people , listen to their owes and fears and console and be a support to them.
Death and destruction alround .
We visited several remote villages , helped the people who were searching for their belongings in the debris . It was heart breaking to listen to them . All what we could do those days was just to sit with them, calm down their fears and provide them some immediate relief like food and medical care.


Visits to the villages

Around, 20,000 classrooms in nearly 7,000 government schools have been either fully destroyed or have been severely damaged. Over 3 million students in 39 districts have been affected.
Though teaching resumed from the end of May, due to non-clearance of debris, lack of facilities in schools, trauma suffered by students and teachers, not all the students are attending school. The government was sensitive enough to delay the reopening of the schools and postponed some exams. Now most of the teachers, students and officials are back to schools.


Damaged school at Parping village              Classes being run in temporary sheds

We provided 3 village schools with teaching materials, playthings and stationery for children.
The teachers and parents have been very grateful for this help.


Children enjoy the materials provided.

NGOs and INGOs have played a crucial role in bringing relief to the suffering people.
The international community rushed to the aid of the people in whichever way possible- rescue personnals, relief in cash and kind , equipment and so on. .
We, Sisters of charity too contributed our drop in this relief work with the help of our friends and benefactors. So far we have contributed to 4 community schools financially to rebuild the buildings which were damaged by the earthquakes.
Sisters had been to the remote villages with food stuff like rice, beaten rice, dhal , oil and so on , and distributed it about 250 families


Supplying food stuffs in the villages

Through our mobile clinic team along with the sisters who came from India for relief work, we were able to take care of the medical needs of about 2000 persons in the remote districts of Sindupalchowk, Dhading, Nuwakot and Kathmandu, in the badly affected areas.


Mobile clinics in the villages

In some of the villages, there is not a single house standing and fit to live. As the rainy season was approaching , the urgent need was to prepare the temporary shelters. As the earth has moved too much due to two massive earthquakes and above 150 aftershocks it is not advisable to prepare permanent houses
Hence we provided materials to prepre temporary sheds for 50 families We hope by the end of September , we will be able to help them to put up a decent house.


Supplying tin sheets for temporary shed end temporary shed

Handicapped people are a group that suffered very badly ,mostly blind and lame ( all of them on wheel chairs) .
About 75 of them from 13 districts were gathered together by an organization whose in-charge itself is a handicapped man and kept in an open ground in tents for the last three months. Generous people contributed their mite to provide them with daily necesities and college students took turns to cook and service them.
As this open ground was very close to us , we visited them often, shared their joys and sorrows and provided them food and medicines at times.


In spite of all the restrictions and regulations from Nepal government, all of us are trying to do our best to lessen the sufferings of our people,especially in remote inaccesable villages.
The re-construction of the destroyed houses particularly in the villages is a great challenge to the country. With the help that we have generously received from our benefactors, we hope to rebuild at least 50 houses after the rainy season.

Sisters of Nepal
Cheer Up Nepal !!!


Though the mountains may fall
And the hills turn to dust….
Nepal will never fade away
It is there forever to stay
Old buildings may crumble
Old men may fumble
Nepal will rise again
It will gain from the pain
Tears, pain and sorrow
Will fade with the morrow
Nepal will then remember
Heroic stories forever
The hand to a faltering brother
The tears of a father and mother
Nepal will be stronger
It has survived the disaster
Kingdoms have passed on
Sagarmatha gazes on Nepal,
lift up your eyes to the hills
A new dawn appears to banish all ills.

(Kindley Tshering S.J.)

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Himalayan Tragedy
Rattled, Unsettled
but Surviving



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