June 2015   Delegation Centro-Sud - Italy: Imagining the future
Delegation of Centro-Sud - Italy: Fertile land of Myanmar
Delegation of Lombardia - Italy: Into your hands my life
May 2015  

Dharwad Province - India: Day at central prison
Delegation of Lombardia - Italy: Surprise and enjoyment
Mangalore Province - India: Against christians

March 2011   Delegation of Zambia e Zimbabwe - Africa: Ways of healing
Secunderaband Province - India: With joy and gratitude
New Delhi Prince - India: A zeal for yuor house
Mangalore Province - India: Fifty years of service
Triveneto Province - Italy: A stile of service
Delegation of Centro_sud - Italy: Expo solidale
Delegation of Lombardia - Italy: Work as a challenge
Delegation of Lombardia - Italy: Beyond words

November 2014   Delegation of Lombardia: A memorable day
Delegation of Lombardia: A special a ... invitation
Dharwad Province: Service the little ones

September 2014   Delegation of Centro-Sud _Italy: The cross of Lampedusa
Calcutta Province - India: World health day
From Thailandia: Narrating God's Love
Secunderabad Province - India: The year of faith
Delegation of Zambia-Zimbabwe - Africa: A celebration for the aged
Secunderabad Province - India: "Lord we believe in you!"

June 2014   Milano - Italia: XVII International seminar on history and spirituality of the Institute
Milano - Italia: The ministry of consolation and accompaniment
Bari - Italia: Solidarity made of tiny deeds
Dharwad - India: Waiting in tough times
New Delhi - India: Sharing in the Charism
Kabwe - Africa: Sharing in the Carism
Nepal - India: Health camp
Secunderabad - India: Be the change you wish to see in the world

February 20124   Cordoba - Argentina: Where life cries out
Monza - Italy: The periphery of the world
Calcutta - India: Dudhani: For the glory of God
New Delhi - India: Our times are in his hands
North-East - India: An introspection
Venegono - Italia: Le suore del seminario, una "vita in preghiera e lavoro"
Santa Fe - Argentina: Missione compiuta
Augost 20124   Monza - Italy: Spring cleaning
Padova - Italy: Nearness and sharing
Dhaka - Bangladesh: A miracle amid tragedy
Ghaziabad - India: Angels with one wing
Kholapur - Nepal: Signs of hope
May 2013   Milan - Italy He is back in our Midst!
Milan, the Generalate - Italy: Special events
April 2013   Simplicity and purity of heart
Trento - Italia: A Papa Benedetto XVI
Roma - Italy: Historical Day
Monza - Italy: The door ... the window
Loikaw - Myanmar Diocesan Pastoral Ministry
Narayangarh - Nepal: A servizio degli emarginati
January 2013   It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness
San Bartolomeo in Bosco - Italia : for our children ... building anew

Robbiano - Italia: Reporter in the land of Jesus
Bari – Italia: Christmas ... with the family
Venezia – Italia: Award ceremony
Ullal, Mangalore - India: Golden jubilee
Ghaziabad, New Delhi - India: Many toothless smiles at Christmas
November 2012   A living Church
Treviglio - Italia: An act of self-surrender
Roma - Italia: Synod echoes
Ranaghat - India: Captivating love
Vayithiri - India: A welcome home
Mangalore - India: Health promotion
Kathmandu - Nepal: A new missione
Lovere - Italia: Opening of the European Novitiate. A door re-opens
October 2012   Large and small steps
Ghaziabad - New Delhi: A gift to Mother Mary
Guwahati - North-East India: our website
San Paulo - Brasile: A fascinating mission
Monza - Italia: A formative challenge to our students
Milano - Iitalia: She waited for us with a smile and motherly love
Venezia - Italia: Pastoral Care of Tourism
August 2012   So many good things
Lovere - Italy: "With a great desire to imitate them!"
Leh - Nepal: At the feet of himalaya
Aquileia/Grado - Italy: Attentive listening to the Spirit
Gorbandha - Nepal - Restoring Hope
Milan - Italy - We booked sunshine for the day
June 2012   Large and small steps
Women in India Jalpaiguri - Birikote - we Delhi - Ghaziabad
Monza - Italy
Milano - Italy
Addis Abeba - Ethiopia
Rimini - Italy: 'Earthquake' special
Milan - Italy - The Generalate : Family 2012
April 2012   I will offer to you a thanksgiving sacrifice
Sonepat - India
Gorbandha - Nepal
Bassano del Grappa - Italy
Dadhim - Ethiopia
February 2012   In the semplicity of small things
Junin - Argentina
Dhadim - Ethiopia
New Delhi - India
Zogno - Italy
Crotone - Italy
November 2011   Open your eyes, observe, encourage
Kankanady - India
Guwahati - North-East India
Dhadim - Ethiopia
October 2011   I greatly take delight... in that blessed charity
Tavernola: A network of families
Milano: An evening with Bartolomea
Chirundu - Moyo wa mudzi - Life in a village
Bangalore: Youth convention
Kathmandu: A quake experience
July 2011   I Care!
A place for us
Milan - Italy
May 2011   Truly a breath of fresh air!
Karnataka - India - Build us houses
Monza - Italy
Toyama - Japan
March 2011   One in love
Ethiopia: A beautiful dwelling place for all
Port Said - Egypt
Seto - Japan
Macapà- Brazil
Bari - Italy
January 2011   Stay alert to life around you
Cordoba-Argentina: Our responce
Calcutta-India: Youth festival
Krishnagar-India: Mission congress
Monza-Italia: Projects of "formative beauty"
November 2010   How to be a meaningful presence
Cordoba-Argentina: Love that transforms
Loikaw-Myanmar: An initiative for the young
Kabwe-Zambia: An Aword
Shillong - India: National Youth Convention
October 2010   With enthusiasm!
Calcutta - India -In memory of Mother Teresa
Dharwad -India: Launching into the deep
September 2010   Letting life drive in ourselves and in others
Alagoinha-Brasile: vocational quest
Cuncolim-India: Unto Martyrdom
Andalgalà-Argentina: With young people
June 2010   Letting life drive in ourselves and in others
New Delhi: Earth day
Let your light shine
Monza: Caring for the others
May 2010   Cone on, let us keep sowing!
Nazareth: : A special night
Cordoba: Put on the T-shirt
Robbiano: For Haiti children
April 2010   Love gererates sharing and forgiveness
Karnataka: Flood-relief
Monza-Collegio Bianconi: Dephts and heights
Erode -South-East India: A house of Providence
March 2010   Friendship and sharing
Sonepat - New Delhi: with the marginalised
San Giorgio di Nogaro: on ships
Robbiano: oratorio for the little ones
February 2010   Small daily gestures for the others
Ethiopia - Fullasa: Among the poorest.
Milano, IMI: A calendar speaks.
Krishnagar: "Homecoming"
January 2010   Learning to share
New Delhi: Learning to share.
A message from France: A child called Mary.
Treviglio: An unusual project
December 2009   God's Love becomes visible to us
Tamil Nadu, India: Wellington. Flooding.
Milano: Fruitful seed.
Kerala Sate, India: Kakkanad. A rare award
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